EEE482F: Telecommunications (part 2)

NOTE: This is the homepage for the 2003 course

Course presentation

Thursday and Friday, 2nd period, Humanities 3.
Tutor: Phillip Milne (Menzies 616).

Lecture notes

Problem Sets

These are intended to augment the problems you should already be doing from Stremler.


Practical sessions using Systemview will be run in the second term. There are three practicals, which will make up 10% of the final mark. More information, along with the practical outlines, can be found here.

Class Test

Results are available here. If you wrote the test but there is no mark for you, please see me.

Exam information

The exam is on chapter 9 and 10 of Stremler, up to the end of the comparison between digital modulation systems. Sections with a star next to them have not been covered, with the exception of the section on coding in chapter 9. The section on frequency-hopping spread spectrum was also omitted.

There are five questions in the telecommunications section of the exam, making up 50% of the total exam mark. None of the questions in the section are optional. The Systemview practicals and the class test will each count 10% towards the telecommunications section of the mark, unless there is a good reason not to do so.

Detailed system diagrams are not of considerable importance. However, understanding of coherent detection paradigms in the context of matched filtering is important, as are probabilities of errors obtained in the different cases.


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