EEE4114F: Digital Signal Processing

Course presentation

Monday, Wednesday periods 6 and 7 (LS1B). The official course handout is available here. The first 30 lectures of core DSP concepts will be presented by A/Prof. Nicolls. The second set of 18 lectures on pattern recognition methods will be presented by Emeritus A/Prof. Greene.

Teaching assistance

Teaching assistant: Stacey Shield.

Lecture notes

Creative Commons License These notes are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Latex source for producing them can be downloaded here.

Example Matlab code

Problem Sets and Matlab Assignments

To be handled through Vula.

DSP Project

You are expected to undertake a substantial project (approximately 10-20 hours) for this course. Details will follow.

Class Tests

Details to follow. Past tests and exams can be found here.

Exam information

The exam consists of two parts, with the approximate breakdown as follows: Nominally assignments and projects will count 20% towards the final mark, class tests will count 20%, and the remaining 60% will come from the exam. However, these proportions may be adjusted to give you the maximum benefit. You will be given this information sheet in the exam.


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